12 April 2017

As of the 2016-17 term, our blog has been discontinued and will remain as a time capsule until further notice. For updates on our events, you can follow us on our official Facebook page.

Choong Chee Wai
Multimedia Officer 16/17

18 September 2015

Pharmnotts Annual Newsletter 2015/2016

Dear readers,

The Pharmnotts Annual Newsletter 2015/2016 has been released. Do check it out to get to know all our events that we organized/participated.

We also included a few food  guides for those of you who are new at UNMC!

You can download the newsletter over here.

Tan Wei Jien
IT Officer, Pharmnotts 2015/2016

02 March 2015

2014/2015 Events (Part 2)

continued from Part 1

4. Vida la Vida Night 2014 (27 Nov 2014)

Organizer: William Chau

PharmNotts's biggest annual event was yet another success! Themed "Lost in Fairy Tales",  this event saw us produce a live sketch based on our favourite fairy tales.

With Eun Jin (Public Relations Officer) as the director, members of PharmNotts are able to showcase their acting talents in this play, telling a story of two sisters magically woke up in a fairy tale featuring famous characters such as Snow White, Cinderella and also the Frog Prince. The play brought a lot of joy and laughter to the audience, who enjoyed it from the start.

Mary and Wendy, the sisters who travelled into fairy tale upon making a wish

When Snow White meets Cinderella
Prince Charming who found Cinderella's shoe

 Apart from the live sketch, there are also plenty of other awesome performances for the audience to enjoy.
Waltz dance by the runway models

Girls Hip-Hop Dance

Contemporary Dance 
Chinese Festive Drums 

KPOP Dance

Magic show by magician Chase Lee
Band Performance
A big thank you to everyone who's involved in making this event a success - from the organizing committee, helpers and also performers who spent hours and hours of hard work on producing a great performance. Hopefully it will be better this year!

A great night indeed!

5.  PharmNotts Year End Party (9th December 2014)

Organizers: Peggy Chai & Gary Liew (Year 1 committees)

Here's another PharmNotts annual event organized by the MPharm Year 1 students and it was the last event for the year 2014. Themed "Neon", the event was organised and participated by members from both Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students purely to provide an opportunity for students from both courses to interact with each other and to mark the end of the semester on a memorable note.

Everyone were in colourful attires. Glow sticks were also distributed by the organising committees as a door gift. The night started with an opening K-pop dance by the Nottingham Dance Club (NDC). Their performances were stunning. Not to mention, two PharmNotts members, Zulafifi (from MPharm Year 1) and Ting Qian (from MPharm Year 2) who were part of the dance crew, got the crowds crazy over their unexpectedly amazing dance moves. 

Musical performance by our year 1 juniors

After the introductory performances, everyone had dinner. It was a great time for bonding and photo taking sessions.

After dinner, there was an unending train of games including, "Jeopardy", "Surviving on an Island" and ‘Musical Chairs". "Jeopardy" was a quiz game, where participants in groups were asked various questions based on their general knowledge.

Our emcee getting answers from the participants

‘Surviving on an Island’  involved newspapers at different corners of the room with music played and participants must stand on a newspaper when the music stops with the newspaper getting folded into smaller sizes with every round! 

The classic " Musical Chairs" game

The night went on with a few more band performances, duets and ended with a committee dance. 

Everyone had a great time! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

Stay tuned for more events in 2015!

Written by,

Gan Quan Hong & Kenny Tan